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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More stuff

No-one seems too interested in the possibility of catching up with JB in April but I have booked my free ticket just in case...

Anyway read this online today and found it very interesting.

In my world have been running around painting and cleaning the new place, took Stralya Day off to move boxes into the storage space over there and gearing up for the big truck to arrive on Friday to move furniture and heavy lifting. Has all been keeping to plan so far.

We also have roofers coming in to replace an asbestos roof over part of the house before we move in - which is going to cost an arm and a leg, but will get that poison out of the building - or at least that part of it.

Also been acting on 'higher duties' as my boss is away overseas which has been great, learning a lot more baout other aspects of this place and as a bonus get to drive his brand new work car around... they always go faster when work pays for the petrol and parking!

Will stay busy and send some photos when the dust has settled.