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Friday, July 16, 2010

Back in action?

Once again I have been most remiss in my absence from this place - although I have been trying to drop my occasional snide remark here and there. So in order to let you all know what has been happening in my life I thought that I would resort to the ultimate cheat in blogging entries - yes here is a photo of my current pile of reading matter. Some of it already completed, some of it underway and some just cluttering up the place.

Just a couple of notes about things that have caught my eye:
- the National Broadband Network apparently starts rolling out next week in three towns in Tasmania - one of which happens to be the locale of our favorite long-haired opinionated science-fiction authors and bloggers - so I am waiting to hear what he thinks of all this and who he had to sleep with to make this happen?
- a brand spanking new art museum that I really want to visit is under construction also in Tasmania so I wonder when it went from being backward and redneck to cutting edge??

It was a delight to catch up with some of my fellow burgers last week when JB was in town and I am looking forwards to Chaz's visit in late August as well. In the meantime I will be trawling through the program of the Melbourne Writers Festival for some events  to attend and trying to catch the new Predators movie - which is supposed to be pretty good.

By the way if anyone has some photos from the dumpling bar last week I would be keen to see them as well.

In the meantime - have a great weekend - I will hopefully have a more complete update next week.