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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zombie Attack Plan

I was ready when the shit hit the fan

You watched it happen and i fuckin` ran

Now everyone`s dead and i`m the last man

It was all a part of the Zombie Attack Plan...

This image and the lyrics are by Mackay artist Ryan Vella who drew the graphic novel for He Died with a Felafel in his hand.
The song is part of a cool little CD of original songs that he will send you if you contact hima t his facebook site. I am trying to persuade him to post it online somewhere so we can use some viral marketing to make him the next big zombie download thing - because I have to say the song totally rocks - and not just for zombie freaks like me and Barnes (who will probably use it as a training aid)...
Anyway so if you want to get a good zombie holocaust song just drop Ryan a line and ask him to send you a cd - he is truly talented!
By the way saw the television advertisement for the next Terminator movie last night and now can't wait for the bloody thing - anyone up for dinner and a movie in early June?


  1. Soon as I saw the header I had to zap over here and see what's happening.
    Yeah, I'm up for the movie and a feed but that'd be like, in Melbourne, wouldn't it?

  2. Might i suggest a pod book my mur lafferty called the takeover - it's about zombies at work.

  3. Terminator looks good. I agree.

    Dinner and a movie?. Yeah, but I don't put out on the first date buster!.

  4. "anyone up for dinner and a movie in early June"

    hell yeah.

  5. Early June... no good. I'll be in Adelaide over the Queen's Birthday for the NatCon. And that blows my budget of 'time away from the family'. No way can I organize another trip out.


  6. I'm in, but I may have to bring the Good Lady Naut as chaperone.

  7. Had thought about coming over for another course in june but it'll only happen if i manage to sell one of the two offices i'm touting at the moment.

    Maybe over in July though

  8. I'll put my hand up, I should be financial by then.