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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I knew it!!!

According to this article curry is not only good for you but can help you to lose weight. I don't know whether it is true or not but I think that Barnes and I will definitely put the theory to the test when we catch up for lunch today!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fancy that

Have seen this book floating around in the bookstores lately and thought that I must get myself a copy of that sometime soon. If you are in Brisbane you could always just go and see this event though!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Explodey goodness

Lately I have been sitting around at home at nights watching my boxed set of The Wire series two and 30 Rock and even V on the free to air. One thing I don't seem to have done for a while is actually get out and see a real honest-to-god movie. Now given the bunch of boys who hang around these blogs I would have thought that there would have been some serious comentary recently about various motion pictures that are out there on screens at the moment - but instead there seems to have been a deafening silence.

To my everlasting shame I ended up bailing on Barnes when he wanted to get out and see The Road on the big screen before he was condemned to a life without his spouse in town, tending to his Weapon against Society, and I think that was my last attempt at really seeing a movie since we saw Avatar and made James Cameron even richer...

However when I succombed to the lure of watching the whole Oscars shebang (was it only last week?) I was struck by the fact that they were talking about a whole pile of movies which actually looked pretty good - although the whole Avatar - Hurt Locker competition thing still left me pretty cold and Hurt Locker winning has meant that there has been some interesting writing about an almost unknown side of that conflict.

So now is your chance to give me feedback upon these films and any other current or soon-to-be released flick that I really should get off my big fat ass and have a look at.

I would love to hear from you guys what you thought of these flicks:

- The Hurt Locker
- Green Zone
- Men who stare at Goats
- The Road

+ any others you may want to leave a random comment about....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quick Update

Well I thought that I had better let you know that I ams till alive - just been ridiculously busy at work. I spent most of February acting on 'higher duties' as my boss was away overseas on holidays and I was sitting in his big chair upstairs. The extra money came in  handy because we also made the big move to the place depicted above. I also got to drive around in his special 'bogan - mobile' as well (also depicted) which  made a nice change from the Focus. Although commuting into the CBD from Newport was actually much slower then catching the train...

On a few other fronts I found out that Neal Asher one of my favorite sci-fi authors (apart from JB of course) has his own blog here - The Skinner - well worth visiting - he does like his explodey goodness and big bad aliens - so may even appeal to people like Murphy or Havock?

Speaking of which I would be interested to know Havock's opinion of this article seeing as he lives out that way?