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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quick Update

Well I thought that I had better let you know that I ams till alive - just been ridiculously busy at work. I spent most of February acting on 'higher duties' as my boss was away overseas on holidays and I was sitting in his big chair upstairs. The extra money came in  handy because we also made the big move to the place depicted above. I also got to drive around in his special 'bogan - mobile' as well (also depicted) which  made a nice change from the Focus. Although commuting into the CBD from Newport was actually much slower then catching the train...

On a few other fronts I found out that Neal Asher one of my favorite sci-fi authors (apart from JB of course) has his own blog here - The Skinner - well worth visiting - he does like his explodey goodness and big bad aliens - so may even appeal to people like Murphy or Havock?

Speaking of which I would be interested to know Havock's opinion of this article seeing as he lives out that way?


  1. I think H, will be "CAPPEN some Fing MUPPETS", I may just buy him the ammo.

    I hope you're settling in without any surprises.

  2. Welcome to the world of home ownership.

  3. Hmm I's smell renovations abundent!!.

    couple of neo-ionian pillars would go a storm out front.

  4. Sorry I already have about 213 posts a day to read through, reading Neal Asher will have to wait until one of the others I subscribe to on my feeder has died.

  5. Bangar - does having pay a plumber 100 bucks to cement the toilet down count as a surprise?

    Naut - oh the joy of it all.

    FH - shiny isn't exactly the word that I would use...

    Chaz - yes there will be soem renos happening - I am already KING OF THE IKEA ALLEN KEY and actually not to bad at installing blinds so far!

    Barnes - come on - its just one more blog?

    By the way Chaz - have you checked out Neal Asher yet - pretty damn good stuff...

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