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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Explodey goodness

Lately I have been sitting around at home at nights watching my boxed set of The Wire series two and 30 Rock and even V on the free to air. One thing I don't seem to have done for a while is actually get out and see a real honest-to-god movie. Now given the bunch of boys who hang around these blogs I would have thought that there would have been some serious comentary recently about various motion pictures that are out there on screens at the moment - but instead there seems to have been a deafening silence.

To my everlasting shame I ended up bailing on Barnes when he wanted to get out and see The Road on the big screen before he was condemned to a life without his spouse in town, tending to his Weapon against Society, and I think that was my last attempt at really seeing a movie since we saw Avatar and made James Cameron even richer...

However when I succombed to the lure of watching the whole Oscars shebang (was it only last week?) I was struck by the fact that they were talking about a whole pile of movies which actually looked pretty good - although the whole Avatar - Hurt Locker competition thing still left me pretty cold and Hurt Locker winning has meant that there has been some interesting writing about an almost unknown side of that conflict.

So now is your chance to give me feedback upon these films and any other current or soon-to-be released flick that I really should get off my big fat ass and have a look at.

I would love to hear from you guys what you thought of these flicks:

- The Hurt Locker
- Green Zone
- Men who stare at Goats
- The Road

+ any others you may want to leave a random comment about....


  1. GB the last movie I saw at the flicks was Serenity, guess I'm not much help.

  2. Bangar - maybe we should make a date...

  3. Actually I should own up that on DVD (I like the shiney-shiney disks) I have recently also watched JCVD and Balibo...

    But then again I have also watcehd interminable chick flicks and bad rom-coms as well...

  4. The next film I am booked in to see is
    'How to train your dragon', do you want me to review that one for you?

    I have a window coming up on the sunday, monday, tuesday, thursday before good friday when I can get out of an evening.

    Any plans

    movie plans

    Good asian dinner plans

    Zombie kill'n plans?

  5. This is the order I wish to see ALL those.

    The Hurt Locker
    Men who stare at Goats
    The Road
    Green Zone

    I actually DID see Alice in Wonderland. It was GREAT. Dude's on drugs but.

  6. Erm... not much use to you I'm afraid. Last fillum I saw was In The Loop on an Air NZ flight. Can unreservedly recommend it though, it was effing brillig.

  7. I enjoyed the Hurt Locker (lots of explosions).

    Not sure its worthy of an Oscar but plenty of other less worthy films have won one of those.

    I thought "Men who stare at Goats" was about Moko and his friends.


    ps your clock is 1 hour too fast :)

  8. Dr Yobbo - I meant to include In teh Loop - itr looks fantastic as well.

    Barnes -w ill check my diary and get back to you.

    Mr Steel - soem total crap has won Oscars in the past - I don't know if it is any sort of real indicator of quality...

  9. "Mic Macs" from the guy who directed Amelie is out soon. There's not much explodey goodness, but the bad guys are arms dealers, so there are some. It's mainly a comedy.

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