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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are we men or are we MICE?

I was going to get back on this bike of a blog and talk all about my recent trip to Cairns, how great it was to get out and feel that humid tropical sunshine hitting me and my melanomas and the emotions of catching up with longtime friends after a prolonged departure.

But instead I am here to see if you will join me brothers? Can this ragtag crew of Burgers get-together and grow facial hair for men's health?

Yep - it is that time of year again when men throughout Australia start sprouting the unthinkable on their upper lip and Sweet Thang has said that facial hair won't have any effect upon our sex life as long as it is for a good cause. So I am joining the ranks of the brotherhood of Movember...

It is scary as hell but I can do it if you guys are with me... Join the The Burgers here and stop shaving! Or if you lack the testosterone to make a real mo then you can always just donate to the cause at this site.
Go The Burgers!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Been busy

I was just reading JB's blog post about blogs and realised that I have been most remiss in my netizen duties here, so will post a quick update about a few things.

I finally found a house whose owners were prepared to sell it within my budget - it wa spassed in at auction and I was the highest bidder. After a starnge three way discussion with the Real Estate guys they agreed to a price which suited me and before I knew it I was signing a contract... Settlement isn't until January though and the place needs some work so now my weekends are spent looking at renovation and kitcehn displays and worrying about money again...

I have also gotten a mild addiction to Company of Heroes at the local net cafe and find myself sneaking away there after work to take on whoever I can in an online game way too often.

While I have been lurking around Cheeseburger and Bluntie without making much of a contribution but have been spending a lot of time over at Facebook posting whatever inanities I can think of but am finding it hard to get into the whole Tweet thing...

By the way I just neded to post this - hilarious in-joke!