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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Been busy

I was just reading JB's blog post about blogs and realised that I have been most remiss in my netizen duties here, so will post a quick update about a few things.

I finally found a house whose owners were prepared to sell it within my budget - it wa spassed in at auction and I was the highest bidder. After a starnge three way discussion with the Real Estate guys they agreed to a price which suited me and before I knew it I was signing a contract... Settlement isn't until January though and the place needs some work so now my weekends are spent looking at renovation and kitcehn displays and worrying about money again...

I have also gotten a mild addiction to Company of Heroes at the local net cafe and find myself sneaking away there after work to take on whoever I can in an online game way too often.

While I have been lurking around Cheeseburger and Bluntie without making much of a contribution but have been spending a lot of time over at Facebook posting whatever inanities I can think of but am finding it hard to get into the whole Tweet thing...

By the way I just neded to post this - hilarious in-joke!


  1. Was thrilled to see you have entered the world of ownership. Looks like a cool place in a great spot!

    Hmmm, looking at Company of Heroes makes me think even more that I need an Xbox.

  2. I don't play COH on x-box - but don't have PC at home hence my sneaking away to net-cafe... next time you are in town we could catch up for a game?

  3. Totally, just got to get into the city now!

  4. Congratulations GB.

  5. Good news GB, notice you didn't respond to my SMS of last week :((

    Both you and naut need a 360, have you had your tax return yet?

    CofH is too lo-tech for me, just waiting for MW2 to come out and then how i'm going to hide the expenditure... then again now I'm $800K in hock to the banks what's $150?

    Also wondering if ut's tiem to get an iphone so I can twitter more....

  6. What Barnes said (seem to be saying that a lot recently, stop stealing my thoughts Barnes, where's me tinfoil hat)

  7. Chaz - sorry that I didn't get back to you - I was just jealous... BTW - COH isn't too low tech - it is one of the best RTS games I have ever played!

    Barnes - looking forwards to catching up for lunch today.

    Naut - I wa sthinking we should just head out to Havock's place sometime for a daylong Xbox session at the Ponderosa - he seems to have more 360s then you can poke a stick at...

    Dr Yobbo - I find that alfoil does the trick.

  8. GBob, JB just sent a simple reply "Fuck". I meant CofH is low tech as it's WW2 rather than up to the minute cutting edge weapons tech you know SCAR's, Bushmaster ACR's etc etc

  9. Not a bad idea, should we tell we are coming or just lob up?

  10. Chaz - it is hard enough keeping track of a squad of grunts in COH let alone adding in all that stuff...

    Naut - ran the idea past him at lunchtime and he wasn't adverse to it - just wondered whether he could get the kids of the things long enough to let us have a go...

  11. Yay! The hideous searching phase is over! You can commence the terrifying Mortgage and Responsibilities phase!