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Friday, September 4, 2009

The more things change...

Last week we had a spectacularly succesful Burger get-together here in Melbourne with JB, where we were joined by an old uni-mate named Mr Dave Sag who also happened to be in town on a bit of a suprise visit. Apparently he is now involved in some sort of carbon trading company which sounded too good to be true.

However for those of us who have known Dave for a while, nothing would ever suprise us. Although today I was surprised to see that Dave was quoted in a front-page article in The Age on 'Carbon Cowboys' ...


  1. I didn't want to mention anything at the dinner, but there was some knowlege of the investigation before hand.

    A lot of the current carbon trading companies sound to me a bit like the north sea bubble, and the railroad scams of the 19th century- Like the scheme to build a canal in Argentina described in Wilde's 'Ideal Husband'

  2. I read that article this morning and was thinking along the same lines as Barnes.

  3. I brushed circles with Dave Sag a couple years back. He was superenthusiastic about carbon trading even then. Experience has taught me to Beware the Enthusiasm of the Sag.

    I should point out that some of those experiences wound up in Birmo's book about share-housing. And I note, after glancing through the articles linked above, that experience appears to have been a good teacher in this case.

  4. It did all seem a little bit too good to be true.

    I tend to agree with FH about the Enthusiasm of the Sag...

    Over at his Facebook page he is saying that the journalist didn't check the facts...

  5. Wot a hack not checking facts? shurley shum mishtake!