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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are we men or are we MICE?

I was going to get back on this bike of a blog and talk all about my recent trip to Cairns, how great it was to get out and feel that humid tropical sunshine hitting me and my melanomas and the emotions of catching up with longtime friends after a prolonged departure.

But instead I am here to see if you will join me brothers? Can this ragtag crew of Burgers get-together and grow facial hair for men's health?

Yep - it is that time of year again when men throughout Australia start sprouting the unthinkable on their upper lip and Sweet Thang has said that facial hair won't have any effect upon our sex life as long as it is for a good cause. So I am joining the ranks of the brotherhood of Movember...

It is scary as hell but I can do it if you guys are with me... Join the The Burgers here and stop shaving! Or if you lack the testosterone to make a real mo then you can always just donate to the cause at this site.
Go The Burgers!


  1. I'm already in mo-land. I hate shaving.

  2. Sorry GB, Naut has already secured my services.

  3. I too have signed with Team Magnum!

  4. Try to steal my mo-bros will you Bob! You realise this means war!

    That said if you want to join the winning team, the details are at my blog.

  5. FH - if you could just trim that raggedy thing on your face for a couple of days then you could join the brotherhood...

    Bangarr & Lerm - you traitors!

    Naut - damn - I should have done my research first! Oh well I have my own team now so will need to get more consripts to beat your team of mamby pamby Tom Selleck wannabes...

  6. I'm itchin' to get out of Movember, literally.
    Great cause, I'm slippin' one of the non-hirsuit types some sponsorship just to see the fluffy excuse he grows.

  7. Hardly GB, Naut put the call out first, doesn't mean I don't wish you success ... just second to team Magnum ;)