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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Archealogical remnants

An old friend of mine posted this on my Facebook page - a scary piece of ancient history from about 1987...
Now some sort of weird collectors item?


  1. For weird collectors, yes. Hmm. Hairline has moved. Other than that, I see little alteration.

  2. FH - well I was hoping the said 'collector' a certain blonde lady of Polish extraction was going to send me a photo of herself wearing it - but unfortunately she didn't. It does look like it has been kept in special cellaphane wrapping though...

    Jenn - you say the nicest things!

    Barnes - when is our next movie night? I am still waiting for your review of Terminator Salvation and just sent you a very interesting article on FB...

  3. Ok, for those of us that are new to the party, what's the story behind the T?

  4. Aha, the Contessa Hackalimov. She has but lately found me courtesy of FaceBook and your good self, sir.

  5. Naut - this my friendis the origin of the 'Guru Bob' legend... an abortive elective campaign for student office as Minister for Fun, Parties and Beer at the local campus. I was put up to it by my dear friend the 'Prophet Leo' who held the role the year before and had let me work as a volunteer on some fun projects - hence derailing me from my proposed vocation as an architect and instead sending me in a totally new career direction in events, promotions, marketing and evenually in the cultural arena.

    I didn't get elected that year after being rolled by the ALP electoral machine but the come-back tour a couple of years later saw a landslide election result...

    Admittedly that election was helped a little by a bumbling right-wing group of turdburgers (who were in office) and a large group of opposition guerilla fighters - some of whom you now know as Mr and Mrs Birmingham, Flinthart, Barnes, SB and a few thousand other people.

  6. Nice, I take it that you haven't ended up with one?

  7. Bangarn - From recollection there was only one that was big enough and it disappeared fairly early in the piece and I did have a tea-towell (they were all hand screen-printed) but it went to God a few moves ago. I know one other scrumptious lady who also claims to have a t-shirt as well.