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Monday, August 3, 2009

Mumbai madness

I recently finished a book called Sacred Games which is all set in Mumbai and is basically an Indian crime novel with some great central characters including depictions of life in that city, the way that crime and policing are carried out and a plot which includes Bollywood movies, gangsters, terrorists and hardboiled detectives. I enjoyed the book and it really gave some slight insight into a culture which is starting to really make its presence felt even on this side of the world.

However tonight I watched the last half of the ABC TV show Four Corners which I would really recommend to be compulsory viewing for you guys out there. It was about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and it was totally chilling, right down to the script which their controllers gave the terrorists to say to the media, that "this attack was only the trailor, the main feature is yet to happen..."

Scary times...


  1. Yeah, scary times for sure. Only gonna get worse too I reckon.

  2. Saw a bit of it, but had been following the court case so was too depressed to watch it all the way through.

    The problem is that we forget that secular strife in endemic in the sub-continent. The Mumbai attacks mainly got the headlines as tourists were involved. However it's a style of attack which I am surprised has not been used before.

    This shows that lessons from Iraq have been learnt by the jihadis, and urban CQB is seen as an effective weapon esp in your 'enemy's' heartland.

    On a related note I see that the AFP have saved the military from an alleged suicide assualt. good bless em! Of course as "The Aussie" leaked stuff about the conspiracy, unless the AFP has found equipment then a successful prosection will be difficult.

  3. It was chilling, wasn't it. One day, there will be peace and harmony, but not in my lifetime, I suspect.