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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bolt Action

I just want to give a big plug for this book.

Bolt Action is by an author called Charlie Charters  from the UK. He is the husband of an old friend of mine from university days and apparently it is his first book. When I was in the UK I looked for it everywhere and finally found it in Edinburgh and it is a hoot. The type of action writing that would make Matthew Reilly or our own Mr Phelan feel right at home. Since I came back it has appeared in Australian bookstores as well, this photo shows it on the shelves of Melbourne's Readers Feast bookstore.

So Havsy, Chaz and JB - if you come across it give it a go - well worth the time...


  1. Any zombies? can't be as good a Phelan's stuff then

  2. No zombies - but definitely has blonde sexy kick ass ex-military type chick in it...

    Besides which only Mr Phelan's kids stuff has zombies in it?

  3. Hmm 'Bolt Action' eh? may be worth a purchase..