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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Butcher's Grill

Last night went off to catch up with Bedak and Chaz who were in town accompanied by Nautilus, Bangar and Havock. Barnes had piked out at the last minute and everyone was already getting started by the time I turned up.

All went well at the venue, we had the separate dining room which seemed to come with dedicated waitress (who dealt with a bunch of big guys pretty well) who looked after us all very well. There were three small mountains of cooked meats and seafood in the centre of the table for us to get stuck into and lots and lots of red wine was also consumed.

The converstaion ranged across the usual topics - the demise of J-space, JB, Karada, Murphy, Lermontov, as well as jobs, life the universe and everything... Although Bangar's stories about duck executions, Havock's discussions about 'explodey goodness' and Bedak's farming tales must have made the rest of the place wonder what was going on in the dining room.

Afterwards we headed down to the Carlton Hotel to get our photo taken with the Rhino and things went pretty pear shaped. The door nazis wouldn't let us in because (and get this!) " No suits after 9.00pm" well as the only person wearing a suit (a grey Ted Baker) and having come straight from work - I took great affront at this. It made me think I was still in Brisbane because surely this wouldn't be happening in stylish Melbourne? This was the sort of stupid thing that one came to expect from going out in that town - but Melbourne bars have always been more laid back...

What really pisses me off is that I have been into that place lots and lots of time and this is the first time that something like this has happened. It also amazes me that in these GFC times a business can let the meathead bouncers at the front door turn away cashed up business - but it is their loss.

I have to say that if they had of just said - "you guys are too pissed" we probably all would have just gone 'fair enough' and moved on. As it was we went to the next bar down the road, who were more than happy to take our money.

So today I am feeling a little bit worse for wear and back at work. Nautilus took photos and I think we have to leave drop off a brown paper bag full of money in a public spot or he will publish them online... so had better go and hit the ATM!


  1. Damn Sorry I missed it, I was looking forward to Mr Bedaks experienced assessment of the meat.

    Next time.

  2. A damn fine evening, I had a wander around the city after and I made it back there and I was under dressed for that establishment. They obviously have a different revenue stream than paying customers

  3. Sounds like a great night. I look forward to seeing the photos - and I don't get those bouncer dudes and their door policies either.

  4. Hey I was in a suit too, just no tie.

    Photos will come later, I am in an open plan office today.

    Good night all round.

  5. yeah , blooody good night. I wonder if we will hear from CHAZ today. He was a little the worse for wear when I last seen him.

    OH, I drooped Mr , Squire Bedak off safely at his temp digs here, so at last sighting he was ALIVE.

  6. Barnes - there was lots of meat I have to say - the mixed grill plates were huge...

    Bangar - exctly right!

    Lerm - I am led to believe that you were enjoying a Vietnamese takeaway?

    Naut - I should he qualified that because by that stage I was the only one with a suit and tie - both you and Bedak had become more casual in your attire by then.

    Havock - I don't know if we will hear from Chaz - last I saw of him he was headed up Batman Hill with avoucher in his hand (I think Naut had given him?)...

    Glad to hearthat you also looked after our visitor from the country.

  7. The door bitches can be really stupid.
    Sounds like another good Melbourne Burger evening. One day, one day.

  8. Heh cool, can't wait to see the pics.

  9. Therbs - I don't know if I would call big musclebound guys dressed in black 'bitches' even though I wanted to really badly...

    Moko - damn I forgot that paper bag of money!

  10. Yeh, this we gotta see!

    Sounds like quite an evening there.

  11. Just had a look at The Butcher's Grill Website and it has a survey there "How did you hear about us?"... Could not participate as it had the usual tick boxes for TV, Newspaper etc but did not have a box for "Bunch of Drunken Burgers".

    Mmmm... What would be the collective for a group of Burgers, drunk or otherwise?

    Scanned the Online Melbourne News this am... Didn't see anyone we know mentioned in the Police Reports.

    A good time had by all and no arrests. Well done guys.

  12. A cholesterol of Burgers? Perhaps a Havock of Burgers? An education of Burgers.

  13. A feral of burgers.

    Photo is up, only one of the two was focused enough for human consumption.

  14. A feral of Burgers it is.

  15. Nah i went straight back to the hotel was too pissed to do much else (shouldn't have had that absinthe...)

    Felt a bit under the weather the next moring but still attended that interview then flew back to WA straight after.

    all in all a great night. thanks to you all for turnign up esp the good squire.