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Thursday, February 5, 2009

This week

Yep can't wait for the burger get-together tonight - Chaz and Bedak have come a long way to hang out with the old Melbourne crew. Of course there are last minute work hitches - I now have to host a litlle shindig here because my boss pulled out at the last minute, but it should be all over in time to get down to the Butcher Grill before entrees start.

Otherwise it has been a busy time - looking at the possibility of making a much belated entry into the property market (may have to grill Chaz about that) but am also concerned about all the doom and gloom - I am trying to work out of the next few months is the best time ever to buy or the worst time? Interest rates are down, prices are down and the government is throwing money at people wanting to buy - seems to make sense to me but I am open to suggestions.

On the weekend we did a bit of a recce - visiting a few open for inspections in areas we may be interested in. The weirdest was a townhouse in the old Pentridge Prison site, once one of Australia's most awful prisons but now being turned into upmarket apartments and townhouses! However I have heard that is happening all over the place and Boggo Road in Brisbane is also getting turned into apartments - at least one friend said to me he hopes that they have rooftop terraces?

I don't think so - most of the site is like a terribel A.V. Jennings nightmare although at least the part we looked at was in the old workshops and had that 'renovated old industrial' feel - bluestone walls, old cast iron lamposts etc. However the 10 metre high back wall overwhelmed the tiny little yard and I am not sure about the guard towers either. The actual 'townhouse' was also tiny - may as well have been in cell block A.

Although Coburg and Brunswick look pretty good in terms of access to work etc - all of the places were pretty small but that is probably just the case here in Melbourne. I am not sure about how far I want to commute every day...

Next week is my birthday so will be having some sort of get-together with some other friends as well.


  1. lol It's funny, you spend your life ignoring people you really wanna beat to death so to stay out of jail, then end up living in a prison by choice. Funny.

    Personally, without knowing ANYTHING really, I personally would wait to buy. Just going by the vibe.

  2. Yeah, I am looking forward to tonight as well.

    I don't know what the market is going to do, supposedly Aus is one of the most inflated markets in the world, but what does that really mean?

    The median house price in my area just went up $6,000.

  3. If you have a steady income and aren't likely to be given the boot then it would probably be a good time with all of the incentives being handed out. You need to time it to exchange contracts before the end of the financial year to make the most of the freebies. There could be a further cut to interest rates in March, possibly in April as well. Time to strike could be then. Still gives a couple of months to become a home owner. Keep on looking at places. My own instinct tells me never ever live either near or in a jail.

  4. I'd certainly live in an old jail if the location was right. 'Boggo Road' is in Dutton Park and just a little too far from the flesh pots for my liking!

    Re: buy now or later - I'd wait until unemployment starts to rise - but, there are so many other personal things to take into account - good luck with the search & have fun tonight

  5. Well I seem to have stuffed installing the Google tracking stuff because according to it no-one has visited my site at all. Yet there are four responses here?

    Moko -the vibe is pretty weird - if you read the papers they are totally contradicting each other all the time on this.

    Naut - see you then.

    Thrbs - tat is line with my thinking - Rudd is supposedly turning off the money tap (First Homeowners) at the end of June so I think I still have a ouple of months to decide.

    Also the watchtowers gave me the heebie jeebies at Pentridge - wish I had a decent camera there are some nice atmospheric shos out there - new swank apartment next to old hell holes - as big parts are still a bulding site looked pretty apocalyptic - where are the zombies hding?

    Lerm - wouldn't want to run into Ned Kelly's ghost as you went to the loo in the middle of the night.
    Boggo Road is pretty close to the flesh pots of Dutton Park isn't it? Flintharts old stamping grounds...

  6. Looking forward to catching up tonight as well.

    If interest rates are down and house prices are dropping then working my extensive knowledge of the commercial arena and the principle 'Buy Low' then now or the next few months would seem to be a good time to buy a house.

  7. There are no responses here. We are just figments of your imagination. The Ghosts of Journalspace past.

    Many years ago if we wanted a dodgy address to put down we used to use 166 Annerly Road, which is where Boggo Road Jail is located.

    Isn't the Ghost of Ned Kelly supposed to haunt Pentridge?

  8. BBA - they supposedly found his remains there last year - yt another reason not to live there - hairy ghosts wandering around muttering 'such is life'...

    Bugger - message from Barnes that he can't make tonight's get-together - last minute issues at home.

  9. GB the best time to buy (in theory) will be may or june. Interest rates will have dropped again and we'll have seen if the property market in Melb is likely to contract any more.