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Monday, June 15, 2009

There goes the neighbourhood...

Someone has obviously decided to write the final chapter of the Underbelly saga down at my local Ville... lucky we may have found a new place to throw our hat into the ring for. But I don't want to get too confident, last time it all ended in tears...


  1. Good luck, and take care.

  2. dunno if you're on twitter gb so i'll post you wil andersons joke
    News: Another Moran shot in Victorian gang wars. In other news, Black Books star Dylan Moran cancels all future Melbourne tours just in case

  3. ...I can't imagine 'em mistaking you for someone on their shit list. Unfortunately I CAN imagine someone trying to duck behind you for cover...

  4. So reading between the lines, you have found a place?

    Oh and remember to duck both ways before crossing the street from now on!

  5. This morning there were some very cold looking television reporters camped outside a house around the corner - we thought it may be related to this as well?