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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poster boy for the apocalypse???

Well who would have thunk it?

I walked into the local newsagency and started browsing through the most recent issue of The Monthly - the vanity publication of the chardonay socialist set according to Chaz's comment in my previous blog - and the cover article is by none other then our own JB!

However the Rhino sized kick in this article is that it is all about our very own Mr Havock! I can hear the screams from over the water already. However it does tend to show us a kinder, gentler and LESS LOUD Havock then we are used to.

If you want to you can even read it for free HERE...


  1. JB used poetic lecense when it came to our Havock.

  2. HAHA AHAHA..YEAYH YEAH YEAH, just remember that the Siberian TIGER looks after its YOUNG an KILLS THE ARSE OFF ALL ELSE..OK.