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Monday, May 25, 2009

Is this guy a spotty nosed precocious little oik?

Those of you who follow JB's various online incarnations will know that he loves nothing more then getting stuck into the members of the so-called Generation-Y, hence some of the recent carry-on over at the Blunt Instrument and the many frequent barbed comments by readers, bloggers and the man himself on the topic.

So I just can't help but wonder whether he will be following Gideon Haigh into the wilderness after the announcement of the new editor at The Monthly, a 23 year old reputed 'genius'. As JB has in the past been known to write the occasional column in The Monthly and can be fairly regularly found making a few 'learned' remarks - I was wondering whether he will still be writing there in a few months.

Of course I am probably betraying my own generational angst and leanings when I wonder whether he will be able to take direction from a 'numpty nump' whose only experience of a 'left-wing' leader in Australia was Paul Keating and then only beacuse he could see the television from his cot? However I am sure he is a nice guy as well.

Of course it all just a storm in a teacup as The Monthly is effectively the Australian media's version of a vanity publication. But it has made good reading in the past and my Dad did actually enjoy the gift subscription I gave him last year for Father's Day...


  1. Nice post Guru.

    Wonder if he will reinforce or dispel some stereotypes.

    What's Sally W up to these days, do you know? Maybe she could get a gig helping Kev sell some bonds...

  2. I'm sure that Mick Gato would be available to widen the boys life experience....

  3. I am pretty sure that JB really only does The Monthly gig for some extra beer money (those imported brews can cost a bit) and that little extra bit of credibility.

    However this appointment just shows the undercurrent of privelege that sits behind this magazine. How many Monthly readers can send their kids to Baltimore to study?

    The funy thing is when you get newspapers like the Age qouting this guy's Facebook page as an authorative source (he has Alain de Botton as a FB friend - so what? I tried to get Stan Lee to be my friend)...

    Have a look at this post:

  4. Ah give the kid a chance. Howard Stringer could have done a lot damage at that age with Morry backing him up.

  5. Too true Mr JB - I was an editor (of sorts) at exactly the same age and us Semper dudes thought that we were masters of the universe too...

    Here is the latest profile on him:

  6. Did i hear someone mutter 'champagne socialists'?

  7. DAM!, I'll have to watch this one a little closer i think