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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Zombie Attack Plan 2

I have been raving in an earlier post about this song - at my instigation Ryan has gone and posted it at Youtube here.

Go and check out the frenzied zombie dancing...

PS If anyone can let me know how you post youtube videos properly here on blogspot it would be much appreciated!


  1. if you use the blogger editor there's an add film button next to the add pic button. in youtube there's 2 areas to the right of the vid a link one and an embed one. put the embed one in the box thats pops up wen you hit the add vid button in blogger. i use live writer and i can do the same for that

  2. OR.....

    Mate, over just under the description you'll see a URL bar and an Embed bar with a code in it. Click inside the Embed bit that starts with '< object'.

    Give it half a sec cause some options will open up under it where you can choose the size and colour of the player. The 480x385 one is probably best for quality purposes.

    After you've selected what size and style you want RE-highlight (cause it'll update with your choices) the code and cut and paste it in the blog entry.

  3. *description of the video at Youtube...

  4. well Moko and uamanda have pretty much covered it above.

    So I probably don't need to post this one.

  5. Butwhat did you thinkof the song?

  6. Sorry guys - I must be some sort of techno-moron but I can't make this work. Where do I cut-and-paste the embed code into? When i click on the video option I get two boxes - one says Browse and the other says Video Title - I have tried dropping the code into the 'browse' one and nothing happens?