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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Heavy Metal

It is interesting that while JB is rambling on about the death of newspapers on his blog recently there is rebirth of interest in the original newspaper technology - letterpress printing.

On the weekend I went to the open day at the Melbourne Museum of Printing which was packed full of people after some good promotions in the media and online by the Museum and its supporters at The Narrows.

It was great to see so much interest in letterpress and there was a lot of interest in the fundraising sales of prints, t-shirts and other paraphenalia.

The MMOP also runs education workshops, provides studio access, tours and demonstrations and a Friends of the Museum Membership program.

36 Moreland Street



Opening Hours Sundays and Thursdays2.00pm - 6.00pm

Tel: 03 9689 7555

PS check out their website for much better photographs then mine.


  1. I'll have to chase it up, printing sure has changed.

  2. Bnarr - that is all too true - these days it is all 'digital' and 'desktop publishing' or even 'online'...

    This type of printing technology goes back to Guttenberg.

    I understand that this 'museum' was set up by some crusty old printers who were distressed at the idea of the actual printing machinery being sent to the dump or supposedly dumped in the river. So they set up the museum to save some of the equipment.

    It has been struggling along for ages and recently an arts group 'The Narrows' got involved and put together the open day idea and it was a great success.

    Letterpress is going through quite a revival at the moment in America and is becoming very cool - sort of like the 'vinyl' or the 'VCR' of the design world.