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Monday, May 4, 2009

Booktown - the sequel

On Sunday headed out past Havock's place to visit Clunes for the Back to Booktown event.

Sweet Thang drove all the way and it was good to get some serious kilometres under her bonnet - a long distance trip to the country is great for a learner driver - and she is actually starting to enjoy driving and I am starting to enjoy having my own private chaffeur as well.

The Booktown event was packed again - lots of people, heaps of stalls selling books as well as food, live music etc. While the food wasn't as good this year as last time - we enjoyed the trip, the browsing for books and the atmosphere of the old gold town.

There were booksellers from all over the place - I even saw one from Tassie - and they included specialist booksellers in military history, art, history, rare books, children's books etc. Sweet Thang actually bought more than I did which was a total surprise - she likes old hardbacks with weird titles and found a couple of classics as well as fossicking through the antique shops. I got an old art book from a place that was selling 'books by the pound' and a remaindered cookbook from the Goldfields Library stand.

However we ran into a few friends and caught up with them in the middle of the main street over a coffee, just before the last minute specials were all announced.


  1. I must go next year

    "she likes old hardbacks with weird titles ..."

    Perhaps the Book of Eibon, Cultes des Goules by the Comte D'Erlette, The Pnakotic Manuscripts, or even Freidrich Wilheim von Junzt's must read Unaussprechlichen Kulten?

  2. barnes i was thinking similarly..

    Gb so you didn't stop in at the Pondo for a cup of tea?

  3. Was there a beer tent? And comic books?