The incoherent blathering and deranged rantings of the self-styled Guru Bob...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Its a conspiracy I tell you...

Lately I have noticed a strange phenomenon - Rhinos are becoming cool!

They are being used on the branding of everything from wine bottles (see above) to water tanks and hoses, in fact I think that Rhinos must be taking over Australia...

What is scary is that our Rhino can wield such power and influence from his porch in the States with the sole purpose of pissing off HAVOCK! He must be a truly powerful being.

I am going to keep an eye out for other exampls of this strange phenomenon.

By the way - I assume this event means that we need to start scheduling another Melbourne Burger get-together soon...

I am thinking that it is time to introduce JB to the joys of Sichuan?


  1. I like it that a Birmingham is talking to a man from Birmingham.

    Our Rhino is sneaky... Teasing Havock from the safety of his Cigar Shop...

  2. Hell yeah,

    perhaps dainty Sichuan

  3. I think we have to get Havock a bottle of that wine too...

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