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Friday, January 8, 2010

Seasons greetings and all that

Have been on holidays the last couple of weeks so haven't been very active here. Went up to Brisbane to see the folks and the usual whirlwind of catching up with my family and Sweet Thangs meant that there wasn't much other socialising this year. Then it was back down here for a very damp New Years Eve where we stayed in a swish hotal in town and ate out a very good Chinese restaurant before watching foreworks in the rain...

Oh and I forgot to mention lots of French champagne being consumed!

The rest of the time has been spent going through recipe books and trying new dishes every night just to keep our hands in - Jamie Oliver's new America cookbook is now very highly regarded in this household - especially breakfast tortillas.

The other night caught up with Barnes, Struggers and Kevin who is down from Cairns - so of course there had to be a movie (Avatar), Sichuan food and a session of L4D2. Havock couldn't make it because he had already seen the movie. But so had everyone except Barnes. But that didn't stop us all seeing it again.

I am interested that this movie has created some sort of controversy amongst the American right who are all frothing at the mouth about it's supposed lefty agenda. While I had some criticisms of things like the poor script and bad acting, as well as issues with the tactics used by both sides in the final battle - overall it was a fun romp and could stand a second viewing.

Since then it has been getting around to view some art, eat some nice food and catching up with Kevin again before it was back to work on the hottest day of the year (which apparently set several records). The rest of the week is getting ready for property settlement next week and then gearing up for moving house at the end of the month. This will probably entail some building work as well. So we will see how that eventuates...

In the meantime do you have your go-bag ready in case it is actually TEOTWAWKI today?


  1. Yeah it was good to cath up with everyone.

    I'd be more concerned about the Russian plan to defect the 350m Asteroid Apohis which is going to pass close by in 2039.

  2. Interesting sculpture..Yog-Sothoth right? Or a shoggoth with bad flatulance...

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