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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In space no-one can hear you fart...

It is good to see that while the rest of us are worried about the Global Financial Crisis, the end of the War on Terror and overall day to day stuff, that there is a team of crack scientists in India working on one of the really major issues of the day.

A group of Indian scientists are currently putting a lot of time and well earned research rupees into developing a curry that can be cooked and eaten in space as part of that country's race for space...

As someone who loves the products of the aromomatic curry leaves and the chilli bush I want to be at the front of the queue to test this product when it becomes widely available. I am sure that Barnes will also see it as an important foodsource in the post TEOTWAWKI environment and when one thinks of all the benefits which the American space race has given us (teflon, etc etc) then this research may actually provide a jump start for the Indian economy as well.
Imagine the market impact of freeze dried vindaloo in a tube???

However one can think of more important things for the Indian scientists to do as part of any space race - like building rockets that don't blow up on the launchpad for instance? But maybe they have that bit already sorted out and we didn't actually hear about it?

Of course it has the extra extra benefit that it will mean that HAVOCK won't want to go to space either...


  1. One step closer to the stars my friends...

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  3. I'm with H on this one - the less Curry the better - all though come to think of it - sending all the curry eaters into outer space might'nt be a bad idea - think of the methane reductions. Think green

  4. "Think green"

    so you mean like a Thai chicken curry? Good thought but I think the Indian team is focusing on getting the basic, standard lamb curry - possible vindaloo, or perhaps a Rogan Josh, then they can begin to refine and advance intomore complex dishs.

    Its 9AM and now I am liking about a curry for lunch.

  5. BBA - the wisdom of the young?

    LERM - curry is the only true meal of gentlemen

    Barnes - mmmmm.... lunch

  6. It's news of inventions like this and hamburger in a can that restore my faith in the scientific community.

  7. Why oh why has it taken so long for this to happen? I bet the Russians get blini's and borsht in space.

    Lerm, chucking us all up into space would just make orbital bombardment much smellier!!

  8. They're going the wrong way on this. Why not bag the methane and use it to fire the re-entry rockets? Carbon neutral space travel. Perhaps not portaloo-neutral though - and apparently the Russkies and the Septics are at loggerheads over use of the Brascos on the International Space Station as we speak (the Seppos have banned the Ivans from using theirs) so presumably all that cabbage-laden borscht has the same effect in zero-grav as it does at sea level.

  9. Barnes I thought that was always an under current thought running around in your brain. Excuse me mmm curry, sorry where was I?

  10. Naut - hamburger in a can?? Do you get fries with it?

    Chaz- good point! Obviously the yanks were way ahead in this area - hence their domination of space to date?? Hamburger in a can and cheese sticks...

    Dr Y - I am having my lunch so will try not to think about what would happen in the International Space Station after everyone had a good feed of prawn curry...

    Bangarr - food where?

  11. hey mr guru, would you be able to drop a line to me at, mr flinthart has mentioned your name in a food based endeavor i'm trying to get up.

  12. As I've often opined, flatulence in zero gravities is the reason why humans shall never really conquer space. It's a big problem. And, frankly, those Indian scientists seem hell-bent on adding to the problem.