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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wondering what to do with Uncle Kev's stimulus package???

You can always look here? Supposedly this is an Australian company with a pretty good product who are pricing their screens to make the most of Kevin's 900 buck handouts...
I would like to hear what Orin and any other tech-heads know about the product?
But it looks pretty good to me...


  1. Does it come with a Ruddy screensaver? Ooh-la-la!

  2. I have read some ok 'net reviews of their stuff, but would still be a little cautious. Kogan was trying to be the first one to come out with an Android (google os) phone, but that seems to have gone quiet.

    He makes money by manufacturing low spec products and cutting out the middle man. I worry about the quality of the components used in order to cut manufacturing costs.

    The good news is that he seems to be legit and have a degree of aftersales support.

    So the conclusion is I am pretty much on the fence with this one.

  3. Nat, the Ruddy screen saver is mandatory and must be viewed at least once an hour or it will shut down. You then have to phone the Minister of ExCommunivation to be removed from the banned list.

    Sorry GB, I know about it but have not seen or read any reviews on it or know anyone who has bought one.

  4. Natalia - hahaha

    Naut - thanks for that feedback - in one of the links above the Kogan guy actually engages with the discussion and says that he is using Samsung components?

    BBA - there is a bit of a mention here as well:

  5. Think Naut covered it. I heard the dude himself say that the guts of the gear is the same all the big brands use as it's manufactured from the same suppliers but it's cheaper for the lack of middle man mark up.

    I TRUST Sony. I think that's the difference. He's definitely worth the research though.

    JB Hifi are selling a Samsung 81cm LCD Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution tele for just under $1200. That's a good deal in my opinion. I think it's because everyone is after the 100+ cm ones. Depends on how big your lounge is.

  6. I am not a big fan of Samsung, so if I was willing to buy a Samsung then i would probably be just as willing to buy Kogan.

  7. My stimulus package is going towards single malt Scotch, cigars, Little Creatures Pale Ale, A few DVD's and a new car cd player/tuner.
    Oh, and a packet of magic beans.

  8. Mine's keeping me as a student. Beats the hell out of working. Gotta damn well hurry up tho. lol Running out of funds.

  9. Hookers never go out of fashion!

  10. Moko - from looking around I don't really see all that much difference between brands - obviously there is Sony Bravia and then there is teh rest. Miost of them only seem to offer 12 months warranty anyway.

    Naut - same here - my main issue is price, although picture quality is important as well - and one of the things that I don't like about this is not being able to see before I buy.

    Therbs - good to see some long term planning there - I have heard good things about those magic beans - where can I get myself some of them???

    Moko - you are obviously better at budgetting then I am because when I was a student $900 bucks was just an excuse to have a party!!

    Lerm, Lerm, Lerm - what can I say to that... you are such a bad man - I am glad that you aren't here in Melbourne or we would all be led astray.

  11. $1800 between two adults with one nine year old child.

    Roughly $1765 on annual medical, dental, school trip, new shoes, repalce items in child's Everyday Carry etc.....

    $35 for takeaway meal on Friday night before watching latest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on small (non-plasma) TV.

  12. I don't get a stimulus cheque. Apparently I have to spend my own money on hookers and blow.


  13. Barnes - will you be sending out invites?

    Birmo - I weep for you old buddy...