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Friday, March 6, 2009

Yeah right...

Ok it has been a while since I got the urge to write anything here. Basically have been frantically busy at work, weekends seem to be full of driving around looking at houses and apartments. So far spectacularly unsuccesfully I have to say.

However there has been some good news on the horizon, Sweet Thang got her new passport back, went down to Vic Roads and passed her learners test first time (I am probably too ashamed to rememberhow many times it took me as a late bloomer to just pass the learners test). So tomorrow she will be out on her first driving lesson - so if you value your skin it may be wise to stay away from any roads or streets near Essendon or Moonee Ponds around 4.00pm on Saturday.

Also managed to finish series one of The Wire which has been fantastic, right up there with Sopranos and The Shield as far as cop shows go. Well written and paced. Supposedly based upon real life, it certainly had the look and feel of the real thing. The strange thing is that now having gotten the bug I headed back to JB Hi Fi to buy Series 2 and the price has snuck back up from fifteen bucks to fifty again.

I also heard from Heather and Tim and they are both fine, a bit sick of evacuating their place after 3 separate departures, but this week has been cold and wet, the newspapers seem to be full of photos of CFA firemen singing or dancing in the rain and so I am hoping that the worst of the bushfires are all gone away for the next 12 months.

Tonight I am off to Mornington Peninsula for an exhibition opening and then back to the grind for the weekend. The pattern so far seems to be we drop in to an open for inspection and like a place and then when we make a return visit the rose-coloured glasses fall off and we see all the problems with it. But we are ever hopeful. The new Tomtom GPS (a very nice Birthday pressie) also takes a lot of the arguments out of actually findinga nd getting to places quickly though.

Next week Barnes and I are catching up for another Dainty Sichuan lunch followed by three hours in the Imax watching the Watchmen...


  1. Where abouts in Melb are you looking?

  2. At the moment Coburg, Brunswick and Seddon are our preferred areas and suit the budget...

  3. Brunswick would be fantastic, but the other two would be great too.

    Good luck!!!

  4. I'll have to give The Wire a bur - good luck on the house front - bloody tough work

  5. Mmmm Imax. Should be good for perving on Silk Spectre...

  6. Good luck in the hunt, not in any hurry to do it again.

  7. Naut - Brunswick is starting to get a bit steep so we will see how we go.

    Uamada - I am sure that Barnes or myself will post some sort of review/commentary

    Lerm - it is pretty damn good - but try and find it for 15 bucks - I am waiting for next sale to see if Series 2 is around.

    Abe - well of course.

    Bang - I don't blame you at all.